Custom Framing for those who are not sure, means "made to order framing". Using our guidance and creativity, along with technical know-how and an idea of what the customer wants, the finished item you take home will not only please you visually but you will also know  your artwork has been given the appropriate treatment  for its long term protection. 


          Hamilton Framing  uses timber mouldings only, whilst there is a selection of synthetic (plastic) moulding available out there, we feel the integrety of a finished framed piece of artwork or memorabillia is compromised with plastic frames, as cleverly disguised as they are to replicate the real thing. We have a massive range of frame mouldings, starting with a plain 1cm wide black, right through to a 15cm gilded orate gold.  Some are made as locally as the Gold Coast and as far away as Italy. If its not on our sample wall , it will be in our colour catalogs.       

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                           MATBOARDS & FOAMCORE BACKING

We literally have hundreds of matboard samples (Papermat, Whitecore, Blackcore, Ragmat) to choose from, all colours and styles such as metallic and embossed, suede and cloth finish. Whilst choice and budget are factors in any decision making , we recommend ragmats for all work inparticular original artwork as these mats are 100% acid free. Even if you only want a mat cut for a frame you may have bought elsewhere, thats fine, we will cut a mat to fit.  Extras that can be added to the mats are, gold lines, v-grooves, decorative carving, multiple opening . All mats are cut with precision and speed with a computerised matcutter. 


                           GLASS , MIRROR & PERSPEX

There are several types of glass available . The most commonly used is 2mm clear glass, if direct glare is a problem you can go for a non reflective glass (nrg) again in 2mm. This is not recommended on original artwork as it can take a slight edge of viewing, no gallery in the world will display original work under nrg. A UV filter glass is  recommended for all antique maps and any artwork for that matter that is arisk of sun damage ( fading ) . Whilst there is a vast difference in price to that of plain glass , you are at least safe in the knowledge that you artwork will hold its beauty and value. Do not worry If you have something you wish to frame under glass but are concerned that glass will not come big enough, glass thickness for framing moves to 3mm thick for lagrer items (usually past 1220mm x 920mm) although it adds to the weight of the piece it becomes much stronger. - Mirror of any size can also be ordered, (with or without bevelled edges) from 4mm thick to 10mm.

                                 Perspex to can be ordered in pretty well any size or thickness, it has its purpose especially when frames are hung in places were shattered glass is a reality ( pubs etc.) any public liability spot, it is more resiliant to force but less to keeping its original look. We also use perspex in box form to cover memmorabillia ( ie football stands).



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